OmahAngkulAngkul located in the highlands of Bandung, Lembang precisely in the area surrounded by flower plantations and agricultural atmosphere that characterizes the Lembang area adds to the freshness of nature. read more

Omahangkulangul is a tropical retreat that invites tourists to experience theeveryday experience as it slowly develops. From a soft whisper of wind in the morning, afternoon with the tropical sun and topping off with a romantic encounter under a star-studded night sky.

Omahangkulangkul boutique villa offers 4 rooms provide the ultimate inprivacy and lifestyle experience that is truly unique. features a swimming pool with environmentally friendly water treatment systems, has a dining room andliving room in every room with a touch of Balinese design. And to provide more comfort, we also provided a wireless internet connection and entertainmentsystem that we always provide to customers. All-walled villa set in its ownpages and covered by a manicured tropical gardens. Omahangkulangkul is aharmonious balance between traditional Balinese design and contemporaryarchitectural elements with simple yet elegant interior.